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All our Brighton holiday lets are selected by Brighton holiday Homes personally to ensure they are furnished stylishly and equipped to a high standard. We only take on the best holiday lets in Brighton and Hove. All prices are fully inclusive of utility bills and bedlinen.


Brighton voted happiest place

Brighton has been voted the UK’s happiest place. More fake news from newspapers? Maybe not. Check out our blog post which somewhat feebly attempts to unravel the meaning of happiness but also why we think the poll is true. Plus what better reason to visit!

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Short Term Lets for long term clients.

If you are a contractor in Brighton for work and require a short term let, we can offer a great rate. If you only need somewhere Monday-Friday we have lots of options. Call for details.

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Landlords' reviews

As a landlord living abroad, I need a management company that can deal efficiently with any problem that might arise and if necessary make decisions on my behalf. Neil and Michelle are hands on owners and together with their capable team provide a service that I think is unbeatable. They give me something I value very much – peace of mind.

Alf S.

As a landlord with Brighton Holiday Homes we have been very pleased with the excellent level of service and bookings we have received. They are a very professional and friendly company and it has been a real pleasure to do business with Neil, Michelle and all their staff, we look forward to a long and happy association with them.

Diane C.

I started letting my Brighton Marina flat in 2010 with Brighton Holiday Homes. 2010 was a great year for bookings throughout the entire year. I also received quite a few advanced bookings for the 2011 season. So far, tap wood, I am on target for yet another good year. My interactions with the office staff have been very friendly and helpful. All my needs have been met and I have been extremely satisfied with the service provided.

David W.

We first started using Brighton Holiday Homes at the start of 2009. Our previous agency wasn’t getting us enough bookings, but Neil and Michelle assured us that we would be almost solidly booked if we went with them. Sure enough, that’s exactly what has happened and we’ve hardly had a weekend since then when the property hasn’t been occupied. We have also now placed another two properties with them and have enjoyed similar results. The support staff are always friendly and helpful and payments are always made on schedule.

Jan M.

Earn effortless income. We can manage every aspect of your holiday let for you which means you can earn a passive income. Are you finding managing your holiday let is becoming more of a chore? Constant calls, things to buy, things to get fixed? Call us.

Are you being charged a high commission rate just for someone to take your booking and organise things? Well talk to us and you’ll be surprised by how much service we provide for the same commssion,( or less!), than others charge. See what you save once you see what’s included. Give us a call to talk it through. You have nothing to lose except the hassle of holiday letting all taken away from you.

Maybe you’re happy on other booking sites. Why not come with us too, have no management from us and we’ll just advertise and take bookings for your property. We’ll give you a free 3D video shoot, take all bookings and liaise with you or with whoever you have managing it. Ask us about the non-management commssion rate.

Brighton Holiday Homes are Brighton’s preferred holiday let agency both with landlords and guests. We work with landlords to ensure they offer stylish, well appointed properties and we pride ourselves on our booking results. We are never complacent however and continually strive to Increase sales and performance. We believe in a straight talking, a very friendly yet no nonsense approach. We make sure your holiday let property works for you and for your guests.

For landlords, our wealth of experience in self catering, practical hands-on approach, business skills and extensive contacts mean that they can be assured their property will achieve the best results it possibly can.

Last year more than 28,000 guests stayed with us and our bookings continue to increase year on year with exceptional occupancy rates. We are a highly proactive company and are always looking for ways to move forward.

Our results speak for themselves and we can give you booking results for comparable properties so you can see for yourself. We know that for a landlord with financial commitments, having a holiday let can seem like a gamble. With us there’s no gamble. We know what works, we do it well, we show you conservatively what you will achieve and then we meet or exceed those targets every time.

We have our own in-house experienced SEO and Social Media Manager and also spend time with corporate clients, whilst continually sourcing potential new clients through our many business connections. Major insurance groups and numerous other national companies have a trusted relationship with us and turn to us first.

What we do

We are the only holiday let agency in Brighton who has a full time in-house housekeeping team and a full time handyman for those small jobs and for helping guests with tv controls and all those other little things for which they sometimes need assistance.

There are other holiday let cleaning companies in Brighton but we feel we have found the most reliable company who work solely for us.

We manage every aspect of your holiday let for you, so if something goes wrong for guests we are always on hand to deal with it 24/7, 365 days a year….even on Christmas day (which has happened twice!) We have new spares of most things…LCD TVs, irons, plates, glasses, etc; so if something goes wrong we can attend to the problem quickly.

We also have excellent relationships with many local tradespeople so if something goes wrong and it’s outside our handyman’s remit, they are always ready to lend a hand and will put your job as a priority….from TV aerials to boilers. We understand that many landlords are not local and if a television or boiler isn’t working the landlord doesn’t always know people and can’t travel to let tradesmen into the property themselves.

We provide bedlinen and towels and launder them which is more cost effective for you. Our handyman service for small jobs & helping guests with things they cant work etc. This service is heavily subsidised by us with the first 20 minutes free and free call out which covers most things.

Neil and I offer completely honest, free advice. Most importantly, if we think your property will achieve more on a long term let we will tell you. It is simply not true to say that holiday lets are always more profitable and it is important to have all the facts before spending money on furnishing and decoration. We have an extensive portfolio of companies that use us regularly for accommodation and we know what they want and need. We will be able to tell you if your property would suit their requirements. We can give you exact net figures that other similar properties have achieved so you can make an informed choice.

Not all one bed and two bed properties are the same so we won’t give you promises of rental returns that are unlikely to come to fruition. If we think your two bed property will be likely to achieve a one bed price we will tell you. We will also offer honest advice if you have a house you are thinking of letting to larger groups. Just because a house is spacious doesn’t automatically mean it’s suitable. Sounds negative? I hope not. It’s just that we want you to have all the facts and to make informed decisions. In today’s economic market no one has money to make a costly wrong decision.

Letting your smaller property

Holiday lettings in Brighton have many benefits over long term letting. It can have financial benefits, but if you own a smaller property you cannot afford to leave it to chance as to whether you get bookings out of season otherwise your annual average will be significantly less than a long term let. All our smaller properties are booked all year round because we work hard to make sure our corporate clients are happy and we are continually finding more business. It is important not to have on line booking with smaller places otherwise out of high season you get occasional weeks, or weekends booked here and there, which means the monthly return is poor and there Isn’t room to facilitate someone who needs a place for longer. We manage all the bookings personally so that landlords achieve the best possible results.

Letting larger properties

Larger group houses require a much higher level of management. We work very closely with the Council and Fire service to ensure guests are safe, properties are maintained to a very high standard and communities are protected. *We are the only company to have our own security team on Friday and Saturday nights (and Sundays for Bank Holidays), patrolling the very large houses from 10pm until 6am, after meeting with us first at 9pm* . Each house is observed throughout the night in our Brighton Holiday Homes car, which is emblazoned with our logo. You can give your neighbours this number and they can call at any time during those hours from 9pm if they have a problem. The number is also on the contact section of our website. Outside these hours our emergency number can be called which is on our contact page or our office number can be called during office hours. We are always on hand to ask guests to be quiet if they are disturbing neighbours. This gives peace of mind and helps you to maintain good relationships with your community.

On-line booking can be disastrous for bigger houses. It is important to know who is coming in the group, their reason for coming and to build a relationship with them. It is not simply to protect the property from damage, which actually happens quite rarely. It is important to protect the communities nearby from disturbance. Our guests like the fact that our security team patrols around also. It helps them feel safer and they often chat with the security officer. It all adds to assurance that your property is being respected, your neighbours are not being disturbed and that everyone is safe. As a landlord you can face hefty fines and a criminal record, as well as causing misery to people who live nearby. We would strongly recommend that before creating a holiday let for group bookings you take advice.

We have our own criteria for accepting larger group houses. We have a very good reputation with the Council and will offer you our own completely honest opinion as to whether your property is suitable in terms of its neighbourhood. Before furnishing the property you need to have a fire safety check and be fully compliant with fire safety for properties which have paying guests.

We can also give you free interior design advice and would recommend you do this before furnishing and decorating. We design our houses to be very stylish, very comfortable for large groups and practical in terms of wear and tear. Most of the properties in the larger section of the website have been designed by Michelle and she is happy to provide a design for each room, a comprehensive guide to everything that needs to be bought, suppliers and approximate cost. If you’re a Brighton Holiday Homes landlord, Michelle is happy to help you create the perfect large group house, completely free of charge, so that you can create the perfect look which is also practical and comfortable.

When designing a property it is important to remember that during the week (Mon-Fri) to maximise your rentals these houses may be let out to corporate clients, contract workers or families for mid week deals. If you over-style them and make them too geared to one particular market you run the risk of not making them attractive or practical to other categories of guest. The style of the interior and layout is very important, whilst still making them very appealing and beautifully furnished.

How it works

Payment to you is prompt, every seven to ten days, and at the end of the month we send you a detailed monthly statement. Our full time accounts manager, Simon, is always on hand to answer any queries you have. Bookings are automatically emailed to the guest and to you upon payment of deposit, so you know who is in you property at all times.

If you are considering renting your property as a holiday let please talk to us. We can advise you on all aspects of Health and Safety Regulations you need to comply with, Holiday Let Insurance, Fire Safety and noise issues, how to maximise your rental potential and so on.

There are many advantages for holiday letting your property:

1. You have the flexibility to use the property yourself.
2. Even after bills, cleaning, commission costs etc you will probably, at the very least, make the same money you would on a long term let. It depends on the property..some make much more. Some may not so please talk to us first.
3. The property is always kept in a good condition because it has to be a high standard for each new guest. With long term lets you might have to refurbish in between tenants and you cannot be sure if the property will be looked after.
4. Short term holiday letting is all year round. Brighton is unique in that. With a long term let you may have time without rent waiting for new tenants.

Whether you have a property you are considering as a holiday let or even if you are looking to buy, call us today. We sometimes have holiday lets for sale that you can buy fully furnished and with bookings in place and we can also view new places to give you an honest opinion of whether it’s suitable. We are happy to help so please give us a call.

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