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Vegetarian Dining With Restaurants In Brighton

Vegetarian Dining With Restaurants In Brighton

Finding a nice vegetarian restaurant in Brighton couldn’t be easier - gone are the days when the vegetarian option was an afterthought on the menu. The variety of choice and the quality of the vegetarian food on offer in Brighton, makes these vegetarian options a tasty alternative for meat eaters too. If you are a vegetarian then Brighton offers some culinary delights and if you are a meat eater then it’s time to give it a miss and enjoy a mouth watering dish with a difference.

Terre a Terre - East Street, Brighton

Pushing the boundaries of meat free dining, Terre a Terre is one of the most exciting vegetarian restaurants in the UK. A real culinary experience, delivering complex full-flavoured dishes which delight the taste buds and astonish diners. The talented chefs create a menu that is interesting and innovative, taking ideas from around the World and mixing them together to produce something truly unique. The food is almost a work of art as it arrives at your table but diving in to it is a real delight. The restaurant has a real buzz about it, which might not be to everyone’s taste, but it adds to the experience and the staff are friendly and attentive. Terre a Terre is more of a gourmet/fine dining experience, so it’s not the cheapest vegetarian restaurant in Brighton but it’s certainly worth a visit.

Food For Friends - Prince Albert Street, Brighton

Situated in the South Lanes, Food For Friends is great value serving up exceptional food using fresh local ingredients in a light and vibrant atmosphere. The food at Food For Friends is possibly a little simpler than somewhere like Terre a Terre but does not give anything over on flavour! With a menu that features a wide selection of mouth-watering dishes, mixing interesting flavour combinations that even the strict carnivore would enjoy. This is the kind of place that everyone wishes they’d chosen what the other person ordered. So, it’s no surprise then that it was voted ‘Best Restaurant’ in the 2012 Brighton & Hove Foodie awards, which is quite an achievement for vegetarian dining. The restaurant is extremely popular so you should really try and book ahead.

Iydea - Kensington Gardens, Brighton

This award winning cafe situated in the heart of the vibrant North Laines serves up fast food with a difference. A far cry from the golden arches, Iydea offers a large selection of tasty, wholesome vegetarian food, freshly prepared and served within seconds. Ideal for a filling delicious breakfast or lunch. Don’t let the simple cafeteria style put you off, it means you can see firsthand what’s on offer and you can pick and choose what you want to fill you plate with. Iydea is excellent value for money (£4-£7.50) and the food is simple superb, loads of flavour, high quality and simply delicious. Which is possibly why this place is never empty though it doesn’t take long to find a table and you could always take it away.

Planet India - Richmond Place, Brighton

A little off the beaten track, this budget vegetarian restaurant serves fantastic Indian cuisine at an affordable price. Nothing is lost due to the lack of meat in these authentic curries, actually far from it - the dishes simply couldn’t be improved with the addition of meat. The food is high in flavour, very generous in portion size and the atmosphere is outstanding. The best thing to do is order half curries, so that you can try a selection of these outstanding dishes. The owner, sometimes barefoot, has a great love for what he does and you almost feel like you’re going to a friend’s house for dinner. Possibly one of my favourite Indian restaurants, simply a must visit place for a veggie coming to Brighton.

The Prince George - Trafalgar Street, Brighton

This traditional looking, award winning pub (Brighton and Hove Foodie Awards 2012 for Best Pub food, also features in the Peta Top 10 vegetarian) features an entirely meat free menu including vegetarian wines, lagers and beers. The main menu is seasonal making use of fresh local produce, prepared fresh to deliver food which is fantastic. There is also a favourites menu which vegetarian versions of pub classics such as the excellent falafel burger and jenga chips. The atmosphere is very warm and friendly as you’d expect from a traditional pub setting.

Infinity Foods Cafe - Gardner Street, Brighton

Handily situated in the centre of the North Laines, this cafe offers a wide range of delicious vegetarian food, freshly cooked and perfect for lunch while shopping The food is inspired by the seasons, using local produce, beautifully cooked and well presented. The food is flavoursome and although it can get busy it’s worth waiting for. Grab a veggie BLT sandwich served with a big, wholesome salad, veggie chilli and loads more both vegan and veggie. When you eat this food you can almost feel the good it’s doing you! Totally guilt free, totally yummy.

Wai Kika Moo Kau - Kensington Gardens, Brighton

With food inspired by flavours from all over the World, this vegetarian cafe serves up some beautiful vegetarian and vegan dishes which are excellent value. The finest local produce is prepared fresh to deliver food which is tasty and satisfying. Great for breakfast or lunch and all-in-all it’s a nice little place with a nice atmosphere, lovely food and a great price.

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