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Unusual Brighton Tours - See The Hidden Truth

Unusual Brighton Tours - See The Hidden Truth

Brighton is renowned as being a city that is both cultural and diverse, so there’s no better place to do something a little different. Along with all the usual tourists favourites, Brighton has some very unusual but extremely fascinating and entertaining tours which are well worth trying if you are visiting Brighton.

Brighton Sewer Tours

Hidden beneath the streets of Brighton is one of the most magnificent examples of Victorian civil engineering. Brighton’s Victorian Sewage system was completed in 1874, taking 3 years to complete and now offers a subterranean adventure for visitors to the city. The famous Brighton Sewer Tours are run by Southern Water between May - September and lasting around an hour. This unique tour will take you on an adventure into the deep, dark depths of Brighton’s underworld starting under Brighton Pier and emerging from a manhole in Steine Gardens. On the tour you’ll walk along some seven miles of impressive Victorian brick lined sewage pipes featuring some great features of Victorian engineering. While the tour is not a sanitized or smell free experience, it’s well worth doing - just don’t go with a hangover!

Ghost Walk of The Laines

Brighton lays claim to the most haunted city in England and the Laines being the original parts of Brighton are undoubtedly the most haunted part. By day the Laines are a vibrant, cosmopolitan mix of eateries and shopping with an atmosphere to match. By night revellers walking through the narrow streets joined by the lingering of the past which still lurk in the dark. What better way to take a tour of the city than a tour of Brighton’s ghoulish scene on a guided ghost walk. Lead by your guide in full Victorian costume, actor Rob Marks tells you the stories behind the ghost sightings from the Druids Head to the old fishing quarter. The walk are run from February - December on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night. Despite the theme Ghost Walks of The Laines is suitable and enjoyable for all ages.

Old Police Cell Tour

Housed in the basement of Brighton Town Hall, a tour of the Old Police Cells offer a unique look in to the history and stories behind Sussex Police from 1844 to 1967. While this fascinating tour is themed around the police force, it gives a great insight in to the history of Brighton including the bombing of the Grand Hotel. The cold eeriness of the cramped conditions only adds to the experience of this authentic and interesting tour. Visit the old cells where Mods and Rockers graffitied the walls after their arrests during the famous Brighton riots. Learn about the murder of Chief Constable Henry Solomon, who was killed by a prisoner in 1844. The museum also houses the largest collection of old truncheons, as well as old uniforms, photographs and historical items. Great for all ages, it’s a highly informative and enjoyable tour which runs Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Only In Brighton Tour

Only In Brighton - A phrase muttered by many a Brighton local, as they experience zombies walking along Marine Parade, naked cyclists cycling through the city or the other weird and wonderful happenings in the city. Brighton is a city that embraces the unusual, unique and just bizarre and the Only In Brighton Tour is a guided tongue-in-cheek walk around some of Brighton’s best loved landmarks. Fact filled, entertaining and funny, your tour guide allows Brighton to be the star not taking the limelight from the stories. If you’ve ever wondered what Brighton’s link is with ABBA is, what has Tescos in Hove has to do with Mount Everest or just want an intriguing 80 minutes of fun. Visitor or local, this tour will open your eyes to the secrets this amazing city holds.

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