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Ten Green Bottles Brighton : Wine Tasting

Ten Green Bottles Brighton : Wine Tasting

Purely in the interests of research of course, all of us from the office went to “Ten Green Bottles”: last night for a wine tasting challenge. We are always looking for activities and places to recommend to our visitors coming to Brighton so it was obviously with completely altruistic motives that the team enjoyed a fantastic night of drinking top quality wines and enjoying fabulous nibbles of meats, cheeses, olives and breads.

Ten Green Bottles is a wine bar/shop and offers something really special. They have personally chosen Artisan wines from small producers and import them directly. These are wines which have been crafted and produced with a love and passion for good wine and they are surprisingly inexpensive because the producers don’t have huge marketing costs.

The venue has a lovely ambience and we were one of two separate groups wine tasting, whilst couples and friends also enjoyed their evening sitting at the tables sharing wine in a great atmosphere. You can buy any bottle of wine here and for an extra £5 enjoy drinking it in the lovely, candlelit environment of the wine bar. Prices for superb quality wines start at just £8 so it is a perfect for an affordable date to impress someone!

Simon, our host, gave us our challenge and we had three white wines and three reds and we had to say which wine was which using their names and descriptions. I am tee total so not a drop of the stuff passed my lips but I was able to distinguish between which was red and white from their colours…

My expertise didn’t really go much beyond that, despite the Brigitte Jones Chardonnay years of my youth, which I had enjoyed with gusto. So my team drew the short straw having me on their side, but even though I didn’t drink I still had a fabulous evening and enjoyed smelling the gorgeous smells and trying to work out which was which. It just shows that if you had someone who doesn’t drink or who’s pregnant in your group, they can have a great time too.

We weren’t too successful at getting the answers right. In fact, my team got them all wrong. This is not stuffy wine tasting, though and it doesn’t matter how well you do. Simon gave us information about the wines in a fun and interesting way.

One thing we did discover over the course of the evening is that our team is absolutely fantastic at describing wines in a way which is heavily laden with innuendo whilst keeping a straight face. I’m sure we could teach Jilly Goolden a thing or two.

This is a welcome and wonderful addition to Brighton. Opposite the Jubilee library, it’s in an ideal location and a great place to go pre or post dinner. For corporate events or group get togethers it’s a really fun activity to do the wine tasting challenge and not expensive. They can also come to you at a venue of your choice.

Look out for wine tasting events, French, Italian and Spanish lessons or buy some fabulous wines for Christmas. Apparently the local sparkling wine is very highly regarded and would make a great Christmas present or why not buy a voucher for someone?

Overall, we gave the evening a resounding 5 out of 5 and wish this local business well deserved success in the future and I’m sure our guests will enjoy going there.

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