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Why is Self Catering the best option in Brighton

Why is Self Catering the best option in Brighton

Self catering holidays are becoming more and more popular as an alternative choice to hotel stays. The quality of self catering houses and apartments being offered to guests has seen dramatic and outstanding improvements in recent years.It’s no surprise then that self catering is becoming a very popular choice with many.

The days of old duvet covers, scratchy blankets, mismatched second hand furniture and old prints by Constable or dogs playing snooker, are long gone. Now you can expect to see high end designer pieces of furniture, stylish kitchens and bathrooms and the latest in interior design, which creates the dream more than a nightmare.

What makes self catering a more attractive option than a hotel?

Firstly, space. With a self catering holiday you have a whole house or apartment to yourself so it’s like having a home from home. In a hotel normally, you have to squash the whole family into one bedroom or share a twin as friends which can be tricky. When the children go to bed you’re stuck with headphones and iPads to keep it quiet so they can sleep. Or you can keep the children up late with you and then face the consequences of having tired children the next day. As every parent knows that’s a price not worth paying! With a holiday let you get more freedom, space to yourself, the kids can go up to bed as normal and you still have a living room to chill out for the evening. Not having to stick to dining times at a hotel is easier. It’s also so much easier to have your own kitchen where you can have drinks and snacks on hand without having to pay extortionate prices for room service or for mini bottles of drinks.

Secondly, price. In most cases holiday lets work out much cheaper. This is particularly true if you have a bigger group or you are a family. Where else can you stay for £20 or £30 per person per night and still have a beautifully stylish and spacious place to stay? Family rooms or adjoining rooms in hotels are notoriously expensive for families.

Thirdly, privacy. If you have a couple of young children, perhaps a baby crying, the last thing you need is the added stress of worrying about them disturbing guests in the next room to you if you’re in a hotel. In many hotels you can hear everything going on in the next room or in the corridors. With a whole house it’s just like having a home from home.

Finally, self catering offers you the opportunity to experience the city as a resident. To live in a great property in a highly regarded area and imagine it’s yours for the week or weekend!
Many self catering companies have made the decision to represent only stylish places. Brighton Holiday Homes is one. Company director, Michelle Stonehill said, “People haven’t got the time to spend hours trawling through all the holiday lets on the internet. We made a conscious decision to only represent properties which are stylish and affordable. My benchmark always is..would I want to stay here with my own family?”

What makes Brighton the perfect Self-Catering holiday destination?

Quite simply, the freedom. Brighton is a wonder of a city, fascinating and entertaining with something to see around every corner. Brighton is a place of freedom and the best way to experience the city is to get out and explore. Staying in a home from home and being part of the community, using local shops, local produce and staying in the heart of the city makes self catering a real experience. With one restaurant for every 250 people, 365 bars/pubs and a vast array of excellent coffee shops, Brighton has no shortage of choice when you don’t want to eat in.

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