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It’s a dog’s life

It’s a dog’s life

​Hi there. So the picture above is my step-sister Rose. She doesn’t come to work because she’s too shy (lazy more like). I’m Boscoe and you can see me in the photos below. Thought I’d introduce myself and my good friend little Terence. We work at Brighton Holiday Homes and provide cuddles for staff and any visitors. I think we do a great job. We’re not there every day mind..that would be too exhausting.How do the humans do that? Anyway, just want to say that Brighton Holiday Homes do have properties where dogs can stay. Quite right. Dogs need holidays’s tiring giving love all day.

​Hope you like our photos. So I’m Boscoe the big guy there. I’m very big as you can see but I have an even bigger heart. Terence is a bit more feisty than me. He’s only little but I let him take my bone whenever he wants..I wouldn’t argue with him! He also likes looking through handbags at the office.

We both like coming to work. I do find it tiring and I tend to sleep a lot whilst on the job after I’ve had a walk along the seafront. I was rescued from the RSPCA in Brighton and I love my new life and family. I have two dog sisters who are Estrelas like me and lots of friends.

Terence is a great fellow. Like I said, he’s a big character despite his size. Poor chap has had a few health issues but he’s okay now. He is a bit strange sometimes and drags himself along the floor. I just let him get on with it.

After a hard day at work I enjoy chilling out with my family. I like giving cuddles and sitting on my Dad’s lap. Not sure he’s always too happy about it, especially when he’s trying to do things like watch the news or breathe. Terence prefers hanging out on the beach, but for me I just like causing mischief at home. I’m not allowed upstairs but when the family are distracted I run up and pretend to be asleep on the bed.It makes the children laugh but the grown ups aren’t always happy. I used to be quite naughty and I ate a sofa and a dining table. In fact, I ate lots of things..too many to mention. That’s another story. Don’t stay in one of our houses if you do that kind of thing will you..humans tend to get upset.

Anyway, that’s us and remember if you’re a dog and you fancy a break then come and stay in one of our houses that accepts dogs. Ooops, better go…the humans are coming and they don’t know I’ve hijacked the computer and written this dog blog. Bye…

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