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Happy shiny people

Happy shiny people

Brighton has come top in the UK as the happiness capital. Now that’s no surprise to us who live here because you cannot fail to feel good inside when you walk along the seafront and see the sea glistening. Beautiful even on a cold day. The thing is, it’s not just a pretty scene and nature that makes you happy inside, so what is it about Brighton that makes people happy? So many people come here and then choose to live here too…

​The answer to what makes people happy is of course a very subjective one. I’m no expert on happiness; I did a bit of Philosophy as part of my degree but essays on happiness didn’t feature much! I can only speak from a personal point of view and now I’m getting older the kind of things that make me happy aren’t exactly the same as when I was in my single, carefree twenties. The thing about Brighton though is that it is a place for everyone to enjoy. Young or old, family orientated or without children, single or coupled… whoever you are, Brighton has something for you and it gives it in abundance.

So I reckon that the key to happiness is both in the natural world and the social world. If you have both aplenty then you’ve got a good chance of being satisfied and content.

For me, when I walk along the sea front and look out at the glistening sea I cannot help but feel a sense of awe. The space, the ever changing skies, the colours and then there’s the starlings every night performing their aerial dance performance around the pier and across the sky. It is impossible not to look at all of this with great wonder. Truly special and magical. Breathe in the air and stop and contemplate. It is grounding for your soul. (See, actually I got quite deep there!) But really, it is. It is special. It is awesome. And then if you drive just a short distance out of Brighton you come to the countryside and what has been officially called “An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”. Try Ditchling Beacon for example, or head along the coast to Seven Sisters. Again, just awesome in the real sense of the word.

But there’s more than just the beauty of nature, the smell of sea air, the sound of waves crashing against the glistening pebbles and all the parks and green spaces… Brighton is alive socially and culturally. Whatever you want to do… you got it. There’s arty stuff galore, things to educate and excite and to get your creativity juices flowing. Every day and night there is something going on; lots going on. Music, theatre, art, talks, groups meeting up to learn and discuss things; it’s just everywhere in Brighton.

Then of course there’s food. You might be someone for whom the road to happiness starts with a jolly good feast. The good old Prince Regent himself who loved Brighton was a fan of feasting. Probably not a good idea to go to the same extent as him but in Brighton you certainly have the best selection of restaurants and eateries and some really outstanding places to try. If a few alcoholic tipples are your thing then there are a huge number of fantastic pubs as well. We’re not talking chain pubs here or pubs where you get an old man and his dog as the only customers (you might get one or two of those to be honest in some parts) .. but we’re talking a huge amount of good old fashioned pubs with tonnes of drinks choices, fine ales and atmosphere.

If you fancy a bit more than a pub and dancing the night away is your key to happiness then again, a huge choice for all tastes.

For some people who err on the more materialistic side, pleasure can be found in shopping. Forget internet shopping and chain stores. Brighton has hundreds and hundreds of independent shops. What a lovely pleasure it is to find that quirky “thing” to complete your home or to find a super cool jacket that no one else will be wearing!

But what if you have all these things and yet feel lonely inside, then you might still feel unhappy. This is where I think Brighton is different. It’s got some of the cool stuff London has. It has fashionable bars and restaurants and great clubs, but what else does it have..? The answer: friendly sociable people. You might not believe me but I can tell you from experience you can start off a night out as a group of two and end up the night having made a whole bunch of really great new friends. It happens all the time in Brighton because people are open and friendly. The natives of Brighton and those who have chosen to make it their home are, generally speaking, a very friendly and open group of people. We like talking to people. We like smiling and saying hello. We like being sociable and making new friends. Now of course I’m not claiming everyone in Brighton is like that… we do have our fair share of people who are not quite as nice, but overall I can guarantee that you’ll be able to have as much or as little social interaction in Brighton as you go looking for. People smile. People are helpful. It’s not London (sorry London, but you do have a bit of a reputation for people being insular..)

So, in conclusion..(good grief… it’s really taking me back to my essay writing days now..), okay, so in conclusion, Brighton is, in my opinion (and in the opinion of this random poll of some random people that someone somewhere reported in some random news etc etc)… Brighton is the happiest place to live in the UK because it has both nature and nurture. That is why we all here at Brighton Holiday Homes love it anyway. Come and feel the love, have a good meal, a few drinks and enjoy being next to the sea. It doesn’t get more simple than that. Over and out. Stay happy.

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